Stephen Tierney

Workshop Description:
There are very few killer images that really sell the essence of a project in one image. One slowly collects one’s impression of a scheme through plans, sections and concept models. However I would like to explore how best to create a truly rich image with layers of meaning and suggestion, using all the tools at our disposal to tell more about the fundamental ideas of a project. So expanding on Louis Kahn’s interest in the room as the starting point, this will mean concentrating on the creation of a single strong internal image.

Just as many photographers mimicked painting when the medium was first invented so it seems that much of visualisation continues to imitate architectural photography. Computer visualisation, for one, may have yet to find its own voice. The fact that most “pre-visualisation” is used to sell a project to either clients, planners or neighbours seems to have removed it from the architectural conversation that exists between designers, users, critics and architectural photographers.

We would look at 17th century Dutch interiors, photographers like Jeff Wall and Gursky, Films, Set design, Graphic design, Visualisation of the 19th Century (Joseph Gandy), Storyboarding etc.

The output would be one image in any media per person.

Examples of strong interiors
Choosing a case study
Initial considerations

Light qualities
Meaning of light
Meaning of shadows
Weather, Atmosphere

Camera qualities (contrast, depth of field, key, format, focal length)
Suggestion, Narrative and Synecdoche

Colour - examples
Meaning of colour

Material qualities
The real and the unreal

Image manipulation

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About the Organisers:

Stephen Tierney is a Dublin based Architect, with a background in History of Art, visualisation and furniture design. Having studies and worked in the UK, France and the US, in 2005 Stepehn established Tierney Haines architects with his partner, Nicola Haines. He is a 4th year studio tutor at UCD.