Alan Mee

Georges St. Lower, Dun Laoghaire

Image: Tara Kennedy

Public Space Mapping has formed an urban research group to undertake an analysis of public space in Dun Laoghaire town centre this summer.

Researchers are Deirdre Greaney, Nuala Flood, Tara Kennedy, Conor O’Brien and Kevin Walsh.

Building on urban design theory and traditional mapping methods, the ‘Public Space Mapping’ group hope to develop new ways to map and evaluate public space. The group will draw, observe, map, photograph, record and analyse the space with a view to addressing this suburban centre’s civic life outside office hours. The outcome of this process is to compile a resource that imagines possibility and potential in this area, while stopping short of design proposals. The findings of the research will go towards a wider process of policy-led cultural development for this area as described in a document entitled ‘Creative Policies for the Creative City’, part of a GradCam EC-EAC Project.

Public Space Mapping will hold an event at UCD to introduce their ideas in the coming weeks, so watch this space…

About the Organiser:

Alan Mee is an architect working in urbanism, architecture and education. He operates a design practice, which responds to the increasing demand for organising systems and design quality in development. Current work ranges from large scale urban design and research to domestic architectural projects. He is also Director of the Urban Design Masters programme at University College Dublin.