Anne Gorman and Matt Shelton + Michelle Browne

Workshop Description:

It’s about Public Space!

Community Participation

Information and Consultation

“The Council recognises that people in communities have a right to a view on the planning and development of the areas in which they live and it is Council policy to facilitate people in examining that view. It is Council policy to build on the spirit of partnership so as to ensure real social development.”

Extract from DLRCoCo Development Plan 2004-2010 Section 8

The greatest power of ‘Public Space’ could be said to be in its expression of the
communal, which, in an ideal world, would be generated by the needs of the community it
reflects and which it ultimately serves.

Why now?
• There has existed within the body of the development plan for DLRCoCo the possibility for community based groups to engage with this framework and put forward proposals for re-generation in their areas. But the conscious focus to pull together these collective desires slipped from the agenda due to the galloping pace of the tiger. Now is the time, now that we have time, time to think, plan, get together to sift out this common ground.

So What now?
• Making direct links between the wider community and architects, we will explore the potential for defining public space in the DLRCoCo area.
• To engage people and communities in new ways with the future planning of their spaces that will be driven by their needs and interests, made visual by the Architect/community link, from the ground up.

• Strategies
• Proposals
• Installations

Gathering of interest now have a blog


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About the Organiser:
Anne G
's early interest in drawing and making things has led her to study construction/technology and architecture in DIT and then UCD. She set up her own practice Agarc in 2008 where she gets to indulge her interest in the on-site process. She is a part-time studio and technology tutor in UCD's middle school.

Matt Shelton is a graduate of the School of Architecture UCD. He currently works in Dublin with Gerry Cahill Architects.

Michelle Browne is a performance artist and graduate of NCAD. She is currently organising a public space initiative ‘Mind The Gap’ project as part of the Fringe Festival. See her website here.