Fiona Hughes and Orla Murphy


This workshop aims firstly to record and secondly to map the ever changing interaction of time, light and space using an Irish town as the subject for this investigation.


Stage one of the workshop takes place in Westport, Co. Mayo where a single day, from sunrise to sunset, will be recorded through photography.
Participants will arrive in Westport the evening before recording to be introduced to and become familiar with the town. There will also be presentations and conversations on the aim of the workshop.
Stage two takes place at the studios in the School of Architecture where a single piece of work will be produced using the multiple recordings of stage one.


It is proposed to use photography as the method of recording, while keeping the method of mapping open to individual participants.
Stage one - Each participant will set their particular parameters of recording, frequency of shot, duration of recording, technique, subject (detail, aperture, landscape), exposure, colour etc. to build up a dense series of images.
Stage two – Using the recordings, a single piece of work will be made which will represent the interaction of space, light and time by editing, multiplying, layering etc.

Stage one takes place the 27th, 28th and 29th of July ’09 and stage two takes place the 10th, 11th and 12th of August ‘09

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about the organisers:
Orla Murphy is an architect in practice in Westport Co. Mayo and lecturer in UCD Architecture. Orla was awarded the Kevin Kieran Award by the Arts Council in May 2009. She is currently engaged in research into the contemporary Irish town.

Fiona Hughes is an architect and studio tutor in UCD Architecture

Image - Naoyo Hatakeyama, River series, 1993-1994