Steve Larkin and Daire Bracken

‘Sounding boxes’

Looking at the ‘sound’ of geometric configurations.

This project is examined in three parts.

1. Research

(i) boxes

Companion x, y and z space proportions are identified for study potential.

These proportions might be site specific or relate to a wider study specific.

These proportions are examined in the context of acoustic characteristics (pitch, timbre, resonance, decay etc) in order to identify and promote natural acoustic phenomenon.

These proportions form basis for architectural and musical exploration.

(ii) sound

Techniques for testing spatial acoustic characteristics are researched and considered.

This collection form the basis for the composed ‘sound ruler’ outlined below.

2. Implementation

(i) The collection of proportioned spaces are modeled (software or scaled) for testing.

(ii) A standardized ‘sound ruler’ is composed for spatial proportions and may use a synthesis of tones with consideration of (a) harmonicity and timbre in relation to proportion and (b) resonance in relation to proportion and scale.

3. Results

The proportioned space / acoustic characteristics are examined and the results form the basis for exploration.

Do comparative spatial proportions facilitate sonic phenomenon that translates to the acoustic or musical environment?

The spatial ‘sound ruler’ results form the basis for a series of miniature musical studies, which explore the potential for music composed for [based on] a space.

Can a consideration of sonic phenomenon [acoustic / musical] influence or enrich architecture or the process of making architecture?

Comparative spatial proportion and acoustic results form a basis for architectural exploration.

We would propose that the studies could be set up in a room in Richview. Spatial proportions and ‘sound ruler’ results are modeled and exploration is based on results.


Model ‘spatial proportions’ and ‘sound ruler’ miniatures – Week 1

Results form basis for miniature architectural studies for interested participants – Week 2.


17th – 28th August.

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About the Organisers:
Steve Larkin is a musician and architect. He studied Architecture at UCD, graduating 2002. He is a partner in StrandStudio, a shared studio for young architects in Dublin. He is a studio tutor in 5th year of the Dublin School of Architecture, DIT.
Daire Bracken - UCD B.Arch graduate 2002, musician, composer and recording engineer.
Donal Siggins is a composer from Dublin. His work in digital music has seen a particular interest in algorithmic composition including the use of multichannel sound spatialisation. His music will feature in the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival this autumn.