James McBennett
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Workshop Description:


"Over the past two decades, new technologies of digital fabrication emerged giving new ways of conceiving, designing and producing architecture. This short course aims to provide a brief introduction to the history of computation and its influence in the field of design and architecture. It aims to create awareness of the latest methods in digital fabrication and introduce the work of key offices that show these tools can be utilized for far more than just architectural visualisation.

The principal body of the course will introduce Rhino3D to students giving them a comprehensive knowledge of the software and continue to test 3D printing, CNC Milling and laser cutting for the production of a small piece of furniture."

Course dates:Three-day workshop from 24th-26th August.
number of participants: 10

if you would like to be a participant please send an outline of your interest together with an introduction to yourself to:

nowwhatfablab (at)

About the Organiser:

James McBennett graduated from third year in UCD in 2007 and has since worked in London, Copenhagen and Rotterdam.