Public Conversation no. 2 - 'Common Space'

Cliften - Daniel Fishback

Wednesday 29th July
Red Room, Richview, UCD Architecture
12.45-1.15 lunch
1.15-2.30 Public Conversation

The second public conversation is called 'common space'.

We've organised a complimentary lunch for 12.45pm with the conversation due to begin at 1.15.

The topic for conversation is 'common space', and will address the ideas inherent in that name - public space, community and the civic. The conversation will be an informal 'questions and answers' type session, with participants invited to set questions for discussion to an invited panel.

Confirmed panelists:

Aidan J. Ffrench - landscape architect, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.
Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect
Ken McCue - Cultural/community activist

Chair: Alan Mee

This event has been organised by Anne Gorman who runs the workshop 'From the Ground Up' with Matt Shelton and Michelle Browne.

If you would like to propose a question, please email us at nowwhatrichview (at) by Monday 27th July.

This will allow us to organise a better structure to the event.

You can rsvp via facebook if you check 'attending' here.

Hope to see you there!

Here's some recommended reading from our panellists for anyone who would like to delve further into the topic:

(see also the now what reading group now what read)

1) 'Reclaiming the Commons', David Bollier,link.

2) Life between Buildings: Using Public Space Jan Gehl

3) 'Mappings'(extract The agency of Mapping) by James Corner

4) A pattern Language:Towns, Buildings, Construction by Christopher Alexander

5) Green Space Mapping + Characterization by Green Space Scotland

6) Urban Design Manual: A Best Practice Guide

7) H.A.R.P. Framework Document, Dublin Corporation, 1996

8) Cultural Policy and Urban Regeneration - the West European Experience, Eds; Franco Bianchini, Michael Parkinson

9) Push for Urban Parkland takes Root, Haya El Nasser, USA Today - link
10) Parks for People, Conference Report, Liverpool 2005 - link