Laura Harty & Aideen Lowery

Workshop Description:

twenty four seven aims to explore the idea of building without designing. The workshop will produce an installation/sculpture/object over a 24 hour period, creating and adding one part for every hour. The final product will be a complete object with 24 constituent parts, representing a period of construction. It is an experiment to build using only the limitations of time and material. The end result will not be pre-planned or drawn.

Engaging 24 different people and taking place over 24 distinct hours the process is intended to facilitate an individual reaction. The challenge is to appropriate a part or parts, in whatever way you see fit, but responding only to the piece created in the previous hour.

The project will be made from rescued firewood, a natural, irregular material inspiring individual treatment. The adjacent parts should fit together snugly, but not be fixed by any mechanical or chemical means. The piece will be constructed like a tapestry, knit or planted surface.
Our 24 hours will be spread over Tuesday & Thursday nights (beginning July 7th & ending July 23rd) between 6pm & 10pm.

Please email us at nowwhat.twentyfourseven (at) and sign up for an hour!


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About the Organisers:
Laura studied architecture in Dublin and Stockholm, graduating from UCD in 2005. She currently works with O’Donnell and Tuomey and was project architect for the Sean O’Casey Community Centre, completed September 2008.

Aideen studied architecture in Dublin and Stockholm, graduating from UCD in 2005. She has since been working with Heneghan Peng Architects in Dublin on various projects, and has just returned from travelling in South America.