Workshop #18 From the Ground Up


The Gathering of Interest workshop have sent us some pictures of the installation they made on site on the only sunny day last week.... They attracted a lot of positive responses - well done to Anne, Matt, Michelle and all the participants.....For further information, have a look at their blog

Images by Catherine Gorman

About the Organiser:
Anne Gorman's
early interest in drawing and making things has led her to study construction/technology and architecture in DIT and then UCD. She set up her own practice Agarc in 2008 where she gets to indulge her interest in the on-site process. She is a part-time studio and technology tutor in UCD's middle school.

Matt Shelton is a graduate of the School of Architecture UCD. He currently works in Dublin with Gerry Cahill Architects.

Michelle Browne is a performance artist and graduate of NCAD. She is currently organising a public space initiative ‘Mind The Gap’ project as part of the Fringe Festival. See her website here.


nowwhatgathering (at)